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2015 RESPECT Award Winners


At the Recovery Conference each year the Office of Consumer Relations presents the RESPECT Awards. RESPECT awards are presented to caregivers, whether professional, family, friend, or fellow consumers, who are consistently respectful to persons with a mental illness. The winners are selected by a panel of consumers. The RESPECT Award has become a high honor for those who are involved in mental illness activities in Alabama. This year, we were incredibly fortunate to have two winners, Mrs. Sharon Aldridge and Mrs. Carol Baker.


Pictured (L-R) Dr. Anne Penney, Carol Baker, Sharon Aldridge, Lori Bethune


Respect 2015


2013 RESPECT Award Winners


Each year, nominees from across the state are accepted to be considered for the RESPECT Award. The

winners were chosen by a committee made up entirely of consumers and were honored at the Annual

Alabama Recovery Conference in April at Shocco Springs. This year, East Alabama Mental Health is very

proud and fortunate to have five different winners.


They are (pictured, left to right): Eve Stalker, Adult Therapist; Mary Williams, Adult Day Services; Leah Eckermann, Adult Day Services; Veronica Young, Adult Day Services; and our Center’s Psychiatrist, Dr. Heather Rowe.


These five staff truly personify the RESPECT acronym through their constant ability to be Responsive,

Encouraging, Sensitive, Perceptive, Expediting, Caring, and Thoughtful.


2013 RESPECT Award


2013 Intellectual Disabilities Professional of the Year


This year at the Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards’ annual conference, two staff

from East Alabama Mental Health were selected as the Intellectual Disabilities Professionals of the Year

for the entire State of Alabama. Tiffany Fada and Liz Schutt were recognized for their endless dedication

to the individuals receiving ID services. These two exemplify what it means to go above and beyond the

call of duty to ensure that every person served has the best chance possible to reach their full potential.


Congratulations to Liz and Tiffany, we are so proud of you!


2013 Intellectual Disabilities Professional of the year