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Outpatient Services


The Center offers a wide range of general outpatient services to adults and children whom have a diagnosis of serious mental illness or who have a serious emotional disturbance. The primary goal of Outpatient Services is to assist consumers to achieve, maintain, or return to an optimal level of functioning in the community, and to avoid, whenever possible, more restrictive treatment modalities. This goal is accomplished by providing a wide range of services to consumers and their families, delivered by a team of qualified staff, including therapists, nurses, case managers, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners. Psychiatric clinics are scheduled for adults and children weekly at the outpatient clinics.



Lee County Clinic

2506 Lambert Drive Opelika, AL 36801

(334) 742-2701


Russell County Center 3170 Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy, South Phenix City, AL 36868

(334) 298-2405


Nan Coley-Murphy Counseling Center

1870 Alabama Highway 22 West Alexander City, AL 35010 (256) 329-8463


O.D. Alsobrook Center

335 Fairfax Bypass Valley, AL 36854

(334) 756-4117


Family and Children’s Services

2300 Center Hills Drive, Building II Opelika, AL 36801

(334) 742-2112



Day Services


Rehabilitative day services are goal-oriented and specifically designed to provide consumers who have a serious mental illness long-term recovery services with the goals of improving functioning, facilitating recovery, achieving personal life goals, regaining self-worth, optimizing illness management, and helping consumers to become productive participants in family and community life. The Center's adult intensive day treatment program provides highly structured services designed to prevent more restrictive levels of care such as hospitalization. Adult intensive day treatment is an active, intermediate level of treatment that specifically addresses consumer impairments, deficits, and clinical needs. Treatment focuses on stabilization of symptoms, increasing insight, medication monitoring, goal-oriented therapy, and functional training and skill building. The Center provides day treatment and other therapeutic day services for children and adolescents who have been diagnosed as having a serious emotional disturbance. Program goals include maintaining community-base placements, improving functionality in the home, school and community, increasing social skills, family education opportunities, collaboration with local area schools, enhancement of basic living skills, gross and fine motor skills, leisure and recreation skills, and promoting each child's sense of dignity and self-worth.


Adult Day Services

2300 Center Hills Drive, Building I Opelika, AL 36801

(334) 742-2130


Russell County Day Services

3170 Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy, South Phenix City, AL 36868

(334) 298-2405


Family and Children's Services

2300 Center Hills Drive, Building II Opelika, AL 36801



Child and Adolescent School-Based Day Treatment


Child and Adolescent After-School Day Treatment


Therapeutic Summer Camp

MI Residential Homes


The Center's residential care homes are time limited, community-based programs for individuals who without residential care would be at risk for psychiatric hospitalization and/or institutionalization as a result of a serious mental illness. The purpose of these homes is to provide social, supportive, and rehabilitative services which are designed to assist in stabilizing an individual's mental illness while promoting psychosocial rehabilitation and increasing independent living skills in a home-like atmosphere. Consumers receive ongoing training in basic living skills that will allow them to transition to a less restrictive setting.


Waverly Residential Care Home

2401 Waverly Parkway

Opelika, Al 36801

(334) 742-2108


Parkway Supported Housing

Parkway Foster Care Apartment

2050 Pepperell Parkway

Opelika, AL 36801

(334) 745-7221


New House Residential Care Home

3200 Betty's Lane

Opelika, AL 36801

(334) 749-6605


Griffin Mill Residential Care Home

151 Lee Road 138

Salem, AL 36874

(334) 749-7169

Brief Intensive Treatment


The Center's Brief Intensive Treatment Center (BIT) provides crisis residential and partial hospitalization services, and is certified by the State Department of Mental Health as a designated mental health facility to detain persons who are court ordered to receive inpatient treatment (non-hospital), in accordance with the Community Mental Health Officer Act. BIT provides services including, but not limited to intensive, structured, active, clinical treatment with the goal of acute symptom remission, hospital avoidance, and/or reduction of inpatient length of stay. BIT also provides crisis stabilization services for consumers that are voluntarily admitted to the program.


BIT Partial Hospitalization and Crisis Residential

1708 Corporate Dr. Opelika, AL 36801

(334) 742-2871



Access to Care Outreach serves as a central point of access for Center services, including responding to initial contacts for services, and complaints or grievances about Center services from consumers, family members, or other persons in the community, and information and referral for services not directly provided by the Center. Outreach Services Outreach Services provides an array of services that are crisis-oriented, intensive, brief, and focused. The primary goal of Outreach is to coordinate emergency and intake services in the most efficient and timely way possible. Outreach staff focus their efforts on removing barriers to treatment. Emergency Services The Center's centralized Emergency Services program provides consistent and timely delivery of crisis intervention and resolution, and other emergency services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The primary goals of Emergency Services are to 1) promptly resolve consumer emergencies that would otherwise result in more restrictive treatment and/or intervention; and 2) address urgent facility and vehicular maintenance needs which may present a health or safety risk to consumers, staff, or visitors. Both telephone and face-to-face services are available to address emergencies. Greil Project The Center's Greil Project provides intensive nursing and case management services to consumers discharged to the Center's catchment area from Greil Memorial Psychiatric Hospital in an effort to facilitate a smooth transition back to the community from an inpatient setting. East Alabama Medical Center Inpatient Psychiatric Services The Center contracts with East Alabama Medical Center for the use of beds on the adult, adolescent, and children's psychiatric units. Inpatient services are designed to provide for psychiatric stabilization in a community setting. Consumers are transitioned to the crisis stabilization unit (BIT) as soon as possible.


Outreach Services

1708 Corporate Dr. Opelika, AL 36801

(334) 742-2877